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Starting at $500+ CAD

user-centered design (UX/UI)

User-centered design is the practice of making design decisions based around human psychology and behaviour. People make decisions based on emotions and logic – and we want to help guide these decisions with design that is visually appealing, easy to use, and offers an overall enjoyable experience to the user through every interaction they have with your business. My goal is to create a great design for your website that meets your users’ needs and your business goals seamlessly.
Areas I can help with
  • Designing a brand new website/prodcut
  • Freshening up the design of your current website/product
  • Strategic design input and advice
Starting at $500+ CAD

WordPress / Webflow / Squarespace development

A good website design is nothing until it’s shared with the world. I help you get it out there by using powerful tools like WordPress, Webflow and Sqaurespace to launch your website while you focus on what you do best – creating and running your business.
I have some experience working with code languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript (and lots of experience working with developers who do!), which allows me to understand limitations and constraints when it comes to website building. I confidently know what I am capable of developing as a designer and what might require more complex, custom development.
Areas I can help with
  • Developing simple websites (online stores, informational websites, blogs, etc.)
  • Helping manage your dynamic website (updating content when needed)
Starting at $65+ CAD

digital + print graphic design

Brand your presence online and in the physical world. Creating a cohesive brand identity across your website, internal and external documents, social media, and any other places your brand is seen by others is extremely important for the perception of your business. I focus on design that ensures people understand and feel good about how they’re interacting with your business – whether that’s having a pleasant experience filling out a form in a document or getting excited about the event you’re putting on by just glancing at the poster.
Areas I can help with
  • Social media posts
  • Digital + print document design (ebooks, brochures, menus, whitepapers etc.)
  • Album cover art
  • Event posters
  • Presentation decks
  • Product packaging
  • And more! don’t hesitate to inquire if your type of project isn’t listed

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